osCommerce 2.2-CVS Orders Update Script

This script updates inserts the order total information into the new orders_total table, which takes advantage of the new order_total modules.

Database Server Information
Server: (eg,
Username: (eg, root)
Password: (eg, bee)
Database: (eg, catalog)
orders_total Table: (eg, orders_total)
This table is dropped, created, then filled
Display Prices With Tax Included
Should the tax be added to the SubTotal? (the tax amount is still displayed)
Display Multiple Tax Groups
If more than one tax rate is used, display the individual values, or as one global tax value?
Display No/Free Shipping Charges
Display the shipping value if it equals $0.00?
Sub-Total Text: (eg, Sub-Total:)
Tax Text: (eg, Tax:)
Multiple Tax Groups Text: (eg, Tax (16%):)
Shipping Text: (eg, Shipping:)
Total Text: (eg, Total:)